Support for Orthodox Parents of LGBTQ Teens

For many LGBTQ teens, the coming out process involves strong feelings of loss, disappointment, isolation, confusion, anxiety, and uncertainty. Many Orthodox parents of LGBTQ youth go through a process very similar to that of their children, and feel isolated from their communities, shuls, schools, friends, and spiritual leaders. LGBTQ youth have been seeking social and support services from JQY for over a decade, and in the last five years, their parents have been doing the same.


JQY engages Orthodox parents of LGBTQ teens from across the U.S. and creates spaces where parents can provide each other with support. Our active WhatsApp JQY Parent Group is a space for parents to engage in dialogue with one another, and discuss some of the day-to-day challenges and benefits involved in having a child who is LGBTQ in the Jewish community. In addition, JQY hosts a monthly parents conference call. These resources help to alleviate the sense of isolation that parents may feel, and provide a safe, confidential, and supportive space.


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