For Mental Health Professionals

JQY Mental Health Professional Training

JQY has over 15 years experience providing support resources for at-risk LGBTQ Jewish youth. We are often the first line of outreach for Jewish teens and high school students in the Orthodox community, and over 1,000 LGBTQ Jewish youth have taken part in our programing.

Using this breadth of direct experience as a basis for developing practical skills that are applicable in all Jewish environments, JQY has become a premiere training source for Jewish Schools, camps, youth organizations, and mental health professionals seeking to provide better care for LGBTQ Jewish youth. 

JQY has made it a priority to work with mental health professionals in the hopes of ensuring an accessible network of expert licensed therapists available to help vulnerable LGBTQ Orthodox Jews. JQY has developed panels, workshops and training curriculum for therapists who want to better serve LGBTQ Jews and their Orthodox families.

If you are a mental health professional who would like to become involved with JQY or attend a JQY mental health professional training program here.


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