Drop-in Center

The JQY Paul Austin and Dalip Girdhar (The P. Austin Family Foundation) Drop-in Center

The Drop-in Center offers a safe and free weekly space where LGBTQ teens and youth can come and:

  • Check in with licensed social workers
  • Meet others they can relate to
  • Participate in support groups & workshops
  • Borrow a book from our queer Jewish library
  • Have access to health and safety resources
  • Enjoy a hot Kosher meal (PIZZA!)
  • Be part of an affirming community
  • Know they are not alone

Sponsor a Drop-in Evening

Each week, the Drop-in Center features a unique program (support groups, yoga, game night, LGBTQ book club, and more!) which takes place alongside drop-in hours. Feel free to join for the program, hang out during drop-in hours, or both! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more information on our weekly programming!

WHERE We're currently virtual AND in-person (when we can safely gather in-person)

When we're in-person, the NYC Drop-in Center is at 1460 Broadway • New York, NY • 10036  – in Times Square and easily accessible by public transportation! If you need help with travel to the Drop-in Center, contact us here or check out our ‘Drop-in Tour’ highlight found on our Instagram.

You will see a sign for JQY and a JQY staff member in the lobby of the building when you arrive.

WHO Open to all LGBTQ Jewish-identified individuals, ages 13-23


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