Community Events

JQY community events are open to allies, family, alumni, and friends of all ages. They fill the calendar with queer Jewish celebration, building a community rooted in caring and joy.

The LGBTQ Community Sukkot Party

A Sukkah represents the safe haven provided to the Jewish people as they were alone and vulnerable in the desert. Our Sukkot party is a place of radical welcoming where the entire community can come to eat, drink, dance, and shmooze under stars.


The LGBTQ Community Chanukah Party

Chanukah is the celebration of the inherent light in every person. The JQY Chanukah party is a place where every person is valued, cherished and allowed to shine their brightest.

The LGBTQ Community Megillah Reading and "Vashti Ball" Purim Party

Purim is the ultimate celebration of identity and the power of revealing our true selves. Nobody does Purim like JQY! The Megillah is read by our very own costumed community members and acted out by drag queens, kings, and queer perfomers of all kinds. We then dance the night away at “The Vashti Ball” where truly no one can tell the difference between Esther and Mordechai.


March with JQY at the Celebrate Israel Parade

In 2012, JQY advocated for and won the right for LGBTQ+ organizations to be included in the NYC Celebrate Israel Day Parade. For the first time, a cluster made up of JQY and other LGBTQ Jewish organizations marched together under an LGBTQ .
The Celebrate Israel Parade is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Israel together with the entire Jewish community. JQY now has the opportunity to join over a half a million Jews in coming together to celebrate our culture, people, and country.


Pride Events

Join the entire JQY family in celebration at our rooftop Pride=Nachas community event featuring inspiring nominees, delicious food, and of course, plenty of Nachas.

And then join JQY and the other LGBTQ organizations for our Jew York Pride brunch followed by marching in the NYC Pride Parade!


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